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When it comes to the best pellet stoves, two companies immediately come to mind. The first is Pleasant Hearth, and the second is Comfortbilt. We have two models from each company listed here, and the first from Comfortbilt is the HP22 Pellet Stove. This unit is a mix of the two previous models on this list, as it has both a high output and a compact design.

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There are many great pellet stoves for you to choose from with different styles too. Thanks to the various options that you can choose from, there is a pellet heater that is suitable for any home. Read these best pellet stove reviews to find out which would be the best pellet stove for your home. We’ve also added our 2 best pellet stove inserts below the stoves.

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When the temperatures drop, your first move is toturn up the thermostat in the home. Of course, this keeps you toasty and warm, but at the end of the month when your energy bill shows up in the mail, you might regret that decision. You don’t want to freeze all winter long, but isn’t there a more energy-efficient solution that warms your home and keeps your costs down?

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The Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22-50000 BTU is a must buy. It has a lot of strong points that most buyers are looking for in pellet stoves. It is also certified and approved by the EPA. Consumers from eBay and amazon have given the HP22 high ratings and rave reviews. They were satisfied with the pellet stove’s features and qualities. It is very well built and efficient. The price may be high but you can be assured that you won’t be disappointed with the product. Comfortbilt will definitely assist you with any of your concerns regarding the product.


The top 10 BEST PELLET STOVES on at the Best Review Guide. ComfortBilt's HP22 single handly beats the rest placing it first place! Check it out. 

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Pellet stoves with actual efficiency numbers and the ComfortBilt HP50 is the top pellet stove on the list. Consumers should beware that most manufacturer websites post unreliable and exaggerated efficiencies, except for a small group of companies.  Some companies may not post the efficiencies of their pellet stoves because they are poorly designed and have efficiencies below 65%.


BROWSE STOVE REVIEWS CONTRIBUTED BY WISE HEAT VISITORS: Sometimes even the high dollar units have problems.

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The powerful blower on the Comfortbilt HP22 provides an 86% burn efficiency, enough for it to arrive EPA certified. Its large viewing area adds a touch of psychological warmth to your space, augmenting its incredible effectiveness

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